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Hotel Hermosa Vista - House Riojana of the XVII century; recently restored, with all the comforts of our time; comfortable, elegant; pleasant; exceptional price-quality in rural lodging . But of 70 mtres2 in shared areas . A house with a history of 4 centuries of antiquity . The Lodging offers to its guests, information on the history and monuments of the town; it visits guided previous petition in the moment to arrive to the establishment, completely free for our guests . (txt.R-Gest)
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Briñas has been in passing from the most remote antiquity crossing of roads and place for the Shells of Haro toward the Basque Country and Europe; and for it, inn place and I cover of travelers. Already, in 1653, the recent Town council Briñas created in 1632; it begins the works of construction of the building of the Tavern and of the Butcher shop that would also serve like house Consistorial and that today it is conserved in the headquarters of the City council, it consisted of plant it lowers and first floor, to the one that later on one second it was added more.

Continuing with this tradition of service of travelers´ lodging, our Rural House, House of Legarda; last name in Briñas with 400 years of tradition, is a building of four plants (it lowers, first, second and loft; that they were built in different times: the drop and the first one, belong to the Renaissance Palacio´s group that embraces from the nº 21 at the 9 of the Real Street that according to José Mª Oria Rotates in its study you Work heraldic Riojanas" (Berceo nº 76 pág.289-318, Logroño 1965) it belonged to the García´s family Muruzábal of Briñas; being conserved an inscription of 1634; and arch and decorations in facade of the XVII century. The plant second and the loft were built at the end of XVIII or principles of the XIX one, their fixation of height is similar to that of the building of in front that it dates of 1782.

In the plane referred to Briñas of 1797 of the work Haro and their Contours carried out by M. Hermosilla, M. Zapino and José Live you; it already figures our Rural House; as part of the artistic group of the mentioned town and that today their central part is conserved in all its integrity. Also in the Registration of the Property with date October 26 1864; it figures inscribed the property with the I number of property 83, described in the following way": floor consists under, principality and second, of facade until the half in construction of seat stone until the second floor and of brick the remaining thing, wall of masonry lime and song, composing the wood pine and oak."

The Rehabilitation of this I build has been carried out according to the previous description; its facade in its second floor was covered with a thick layer of lime and sand that it has allowed to conserve the brick original of more than 200 years and to discover it at the present time; as well as most of the beams, of noble wood. The considerable effort (so much economic, as labor) that has been carried out to preserve the original group, makes us lovers of a tradition philosophy and of renovation that has allowed us to create a product of added value. For delights us to announce; that the elements that compose the House have been conserved in all initial originality, faithful to our way of understanding the life the durability of our patrimony, with the comforts of our time.

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