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Hotel Hermosa Vista - House Riojana of the XVII century; recently restored, with all the comforts of our time; comfortable, elegant; pleasant; exceptional price-quality in rural lodging . But of 70 mtres2 in shared areas . A house with a history of 4 centuries of antiquity . The Lodging offers to its guests, information on the history and monuments of the town; it visits guided previous petition in the moment to arrive to the establishment, completely free for our guests . (txt.R-Gest)
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Briñas is a town that I am part of the Roman mansion DEOBRIGA in the antiquity, in the route from Astorga to Bordeaux in its I traffic for the Ebro going to the Aquitanie. Hermitage of the century V is conserved, in the step of the Shells of Haro.
It was donated with their church and with the other bank, bony the town of Dondon; to the Monastery of Leire in 1047; in the XIV century, I pass to belong as village to Haro; becoming independent of this in 1632.
In the XVIII century with the creation of the Friends from the Castilian Rioja suffered an economic " boom " for their extraordinary quality of their wines; that it facilitated the construction of the extraordinary exquisited of their houses; and their current Old Helmet that is conserved in all their integrity.
At the present time it is a center of production of excellent broths, with several cellars; and their grapes are counted between the big wines of Reservations and Great Reservations of Rioja. The Centennial Neighborhood of the Cellars of Haro is from this town to scarce 3 km.
Briñas is among the Sierra of the Toloño and the Ebro, 2 km. scarce the one of the other one, (landscapes of Riverside and Mountain); it is a calm place of less than 200 inhabitants to 1 km. of the N-124 in the half between Vitoria and Logroño.

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